VIP Membership Policy

How to become a sun‧day VIP?

  • Each purchase permanently adds VIP points. When the member reaches each purchase or cumulative purchase value to TWD25,000, the member will become sun‧day VIP. The VIP membership is permanent and the period of cumulative VIP points has no time limit. The member can accumulate their VIP points from both our retail stores and sun‧day online shop.


What are sun‧day VIP benefits?

  • The sun‧day VIP enjoys 10% off of all products at sun‧day online shop and our retail stores, except consignment products. The sun‧day VIP discount shall not be combined with other promotional event or benefits.
  • sun‧day exclusive brands are included in VIP 10% off, such as Voda Swim, Ecua-Andino Panama Hats, sun‧day collection, and Tidal New York.
  • When the member first upgrades to VIP status, the member will receive one TWD500 voucher. 


Can I share the account with other people?

  • Only sun‧day VIP member can enjoy their discount and VIP benefits. The sun‧day VIP needs to show their ID to enjoy the VIP benefits at retails stores.
  • If the member has more than one membership account, the VIP points will not be accumulated or combined into the same account.
  • The Phone Number is the account identifier for accumulating VIP points. Members shall not change their Phone Number after sun‧day registers the Phone Number into our CRM system. If the member acquires a new phone number, keep in mind the registered phone number will remain as the account identifier.


Are the sun‧day VIP benefits available for the sun‧day online shop?

  • If you are our retail store's VIP, please register sun‧day online shop membership to enjoy your VIP benefits. After registering the membership online, please contact our customer service to process upgrading your account.

  • The VIP points will be calculated into our CRM system after the 7-day Appreciation Period.


  1. Our CRM system needs 7 business days to activate your VIP account.
  2. Only regular priced items would be counted into VIP points accumulation.